Design: Tomahawk

Tomahawk in collaboration with Neighborhood Cats, has designed a commercially-built folding drop trap made of galvanized wire mesh:

The DTKIT is the drop trap combined with a transfer carrier for $139, and the trap alone is sold as the DT1, for $99 (plus shipping).

Looks like the open dimensions are
36"Wx 36"D x14"H, and weight is only 14 pounds. It folds flat.


HubCats said...

Please note that I have not had the opportunity to see or use this trap. Neighborhood Cats' collaboration and endorsement means it's been tested and approved by feral cat trappers who are, needless to say, sensitive to the care and handling of cats. If you've tried this trap out - please leave your comments!
I'd be concerned about the hard surface. Cats can bash themselves up in a box trap, where there's no room to run - and a drop trap gives them MORE running room. The 14" height and light weight means that it probably gets lifted. I'd be worried about the edge coming down on some cat-person's back, and I wonder how loud it is when dropped on a porch or deck. I wonder if it might collapse itself in use. I think it will probably get bent out of shape pretty quickly, out in the real world.
It's washable and dis-infectable, and Tomahawk equipment doesn't really rust, unless you store it in damp conditions.
It's possible that it could also be useful as a pen for recuperating ferals, or holding one until her spay appointment. Put a heavy board on it.
This trap will be a godsend for people (of whom there are many!) who need a drop trap right away, and/or for a single cat and light duty.

Laura said...

Also, note the dimensions of the drop trap DOOR opening (11w x 12h). This is relatively large. If you want to use your own traps to transfer into, ensure that the openings will fit together without too much of a gap (ie your trap is not narrower than the drop trap opening). With the larger opening, I would think that a Havahart trap door could slide inside - altho with a cat in the drop trap, that would be a bit hair-raising!

Laura said...

CAUTION!! Update 6/20/13 - Although I haven't had any problems with this trap, I haven't used it extensively.
Our local TNR group uses these as loaner traps however, and we've had two incidents, with 2 different traps, in the last 3 weeks - of cats cutting their faces in them. It appears initially, that the cats in question may have been trying to force their way out, face first, _through_ the metal mesh, and thereby cut themselves on parts that they wouldn't ordinarily come into contact with.